Reddit’s Great lie

I don’t go on Reddit anymore.

For a lot of reasons but the main one came along when I discovered a simple tool that shows the posts the moderators of different subreddits have removed.

Reddit doesn’t tell you when they do this.

When I found the tool I laughed. No way we’re any of my comments removed. I’ve never been toxic on Reddit.

I was shocked to find the moderators of various subreddits removed over 100 of my comments over the life of my time on Reddit.

And suddenly it clicked.

 All of reddit was not as it seemed on the surface a place where popularity decided the most important stories, comics , images and videos. Reddit held an agenda.

Reddit has a very specific way of seeing the world and any variation to this viewpoint would be weeded out quietly and quickly by volunteer bureaucrats.

With the crashing of glass the spell was broken. The endless well of content seemed poisoned now. Knowing as I did that nothing I said mattered. All I could do was contribute to the subreddits propaganda department.

So I quit. I stopped reading it because it was all a lie. A self generated lie where what the petty bureaucrats want to be popular becomes popular with anything that might challenge the narrative.

And to be honest. Not much has changed. I’m not so upset at the world all the time. That’s about it. Turns out scanning the headlines in the morning is all you need to stay in the loop.

And peace is worth a little less Internet street cred.

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