The art of asking in practice

Today I asked to eat lunch before I went out to get the crew theirs. as it turns out the problem had resolved itself, but I asked. It’s then I heard her, Amanda Palmer, her voice resonating in her skull the same voice I Read her book in. I always make up a voice in my head for the narrator in the books I read, but I don’t choose how its sounds the story chooses. I almost don’t want to hear the author speak in real life after I’ve made up the thought voice. Anyhow, I heard her, and she was cheering me on, cheering me on for asking for yesterday off and for feeling my rage, my annoyance, and not just swallowing it and moving on. I am actually proud of myself for the first time in a long time.

2 thoughts on “The art of asking in practice

  1. Like you, I too make up a narrator voice when I read a book. Usually it’s a voice that I think that the author has. Depending how the story flows, I might add emotion into the voice. In a way, I think that helps me visualise the story better – I always make up visual images in my head as I read a story, be it a fiction or non-fictional one.

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