So here we are, and I am sorry

I have been a selfish blogger. Here I am casting my words off into the void, and people are reading them and liking them, and not having the common decency to sit down and communicate. Communication is key.

I had a very odd set of beliefs in my head. These beliefs rotated around the idea that the artist and the fan had to be separate that they couldn’t mingle, like the potatoes and gravy, they were connected, but only cheap idiosyncratic artists interacted.

Oh, what a heathen I have been. If you read my blog I wanted to thank you for doing so, and I want to follow yours, and I want to read about your life,  I want to connect. I want to be there with you. So yes, I have been a fat head, but I saw the light.

Thanks, Amanda Palmer, you are changing my life.

I thought I wanted to be a famous writer, you taught me what I really wanted was to be a connected one.

PS: I am gonna upload the last post of my travel blog soon. It will be a doozy, so I am gonna do it in 2-3 bits. Stay tuned.

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