Japan Day 2.5: The Tsukiji fish market

IMG_0388 (1)

While I was on my way to the fish market, I stumbled across these brilliant skateboard deterrents. While most of these kinds of things are horrifically ugly these were downright charming.
IMG_0383 (1)

Quite by accident I stumbled upon another shrine, and without knowing it visited the same shrine that two of my good friends had gone to the year before I visited.
IMG_0384 (1)

IMG_0386 (1)This view of one of Tokyo’s many harbors is really quite nice.

IMG_0391 (2)

My quest to document the various vending machines continued. I love the fact that there are so many choices of coffee.

As I arrived at the market something seemed off. I’d heard the market was busy all morning so to arrive at an empty lot was to say the least surprising.

Empty, it was all empty.

At first i was a little disappointed I’d hoped to see the great fish market in action. As it turns out I’d visited on a national holiday, and there were no fish to be sold that day. That being said I got a rare look at the market empty!IMG_0400

Undeterred I went to a sushi place right on the wharf, and had some amazing Sushi. I have to say almost all of it tasted different than American sushi, but the quality was better than I’d ever had before.  IMG_0401

This sushi restaurant normally has a 1-4 hour wait! But lucky for me I was one of only two patrons! IMG_0404As I walked back to the train the streets had begun to stir awake.

IMG_0405 IMG_0406

Obligatory Selfie! IMG_0411Consulting my guide I walked towards the center of Tokyo. The imperial palace was supposively very close by. I thanked myself for buying a comfortable pair of shoes, and walked through a tunnel with traditional style shops and bars, and finally arrived at the Imperial Palace, which I will delve into tomorrow!

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