Japan Day 2: My First Subway Experience

One of the things I really wanted to do in Tokyo was see the Legendary Tsukiji fish market and eat Sushi for breakfast. I’d been told to really get a sense of the place you had to go early in the morning but as luck would have it, I was quite indisposed the day after my trip to the Meiji. So I awoke around 8 AM and headed to the train station.


Oh yes~ I forgot to mention. I make notebooks, and I’d made one for the Japan trip, ( Thinking about it I want to make another) and I found the a traditionally dyed, paperback book cover that fit perfectly. It is from this notebook that I am pulling back quite a few of my notes. IMG_0364 worried that I wouldn’t be able to find my way, around especially since google maps would have used data. Luckily, I was able to mosquito off enough free  WiFi to find my way around.

IMG_0366Excuse the poor quality, this was my first tentative shot of a subway station.

IMG_0368My jetlagged brain seemed to be intent on missing rush hour. (not that I minded). So about 90% of the subway cars I rode in were mostly empty, quiet, and clean.

IMG_0371The streets near the fish market were empty, and silent save the pass of the occasional car whizzing by or the caw of a crow.


Canned coffee is the greatest Japanese trend that needs to catch on in the states. It is the boss.

Early morning streets are beautiful in their own way. IMG_0377

Vending machines in Japan are the coolest. I made it a habit to photograph them as I found them. By the way, Japanese sodas are way less sweet, and consequently less caloric. (but only a little).IMG_0374

A play house with casks of Sake outside. Not sure why, but heck it (like most of the country) was a visual feast.IMG_0381More quiet streets. By the time I came back, these walkways would be filled with vendors.

I don’t want to overload anyone so I think I will continue on my quest for Sushi Breakfast tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Japan Day 2: My First Subway Experience

  1. I drank a bunch of Coca Cola in Japan. I really liked the orange and lemon flavored ones. When I came back to America and tried Coke, it… wasn’t very good. After months of drinking Coke that is made with actual sugar, it’s easy to tell the difference between the American stuff that is made with high fructose corn syrup and it just isn’t as good.
    Luckily, Mexican Coke is also made with real sugar and I can get that here. Also, trains in Japan suck during rush hour.

    1. I know right? Japanese stuff has the correct amount of sugar too. Coke in the USA is way too sweet along with everything else. In Japan stuff actually ya know tastes like it should.

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