Japan Day 1.75: Shibuya Crossing


Like most big cities, Tokyo has power lines everywhere.

IMG_0314As I headed to the Meiji shrine, I ran into this store. The Japanese have an interesting relationship with sex, taking it both seriously and comically at once.

IMG_0312Out of respect for the Shrine, I didn’t take any photos inside but here is one right before you go in. It’s a quiet place and is one of the few places that had more than one security guard. I read up on the customs, paid my respects, and as I left I got a thumbs up from one of the security guards, and I have to say it made my day.


Behold the statue at Shibuya crossing commemorating the Doge that waited every day for his owner. I was quite moved by the whole thing as you can see.



Shibuya Crossing was starting to fill up and so I ducked into a store to try and avoid the crowds. IMG_0325To my surprise, this was a discreet little store that sold adult entertainment materials. I can say with some certainty that if you were into ______ fetish they probably had ______ Fetish. Most Adult stores have 18+ labels on them, a fact I would learn after I’d wandered into more than a few. 
IMG_0318 IMG_0324

Right behind my hotel were a string of bars and diners that held 2-5 people. Closed during the day some of them had near 90degree stairways, and thin doors. Come nightfall the whole place would be packed, a quiet din wafting with the smell of food.

One of my favorite things about Japan is the use of bicycles. They are everywhere and stored everywhere in little kiosks, and tunnels. IMG_0316This is the only photo I snuck in the Tokyu Hands store. Something you might notice in most of my photos is that very few of them are inside or of people. This is mostly because it is considered impolite, or is in fact forbidden to take photos in most stores, and of people you don’t know.

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