The Limits of a Chromebook

I love my Chromebook. I write this on it now. It is nimble, light and flexible. I liken it to a razor, even the shape and color evokes the feel of a fine cutting instrument. That being said, I recently discovered why an actual laptop might be a necessity.

Web design is something I recently delved into and I find myself scrounging for low power alternatives to the rock-star that is the Adobe Creative Suite, (don’t get me started at the prohibitive costs of said Suite.) While many open source and low cost alternatives exist they are programmed for a windows or Linux Environment. While quite functional the Chrome OS is rather limited in it’s ability to handle many of the tasks I need it for. Moreover, lately it has gotten a tad sluggish, a problem I have resolved so far. Overall, I think the Chromebook is a good tool, I just think I have grown beyond the odd Facebook post, and Imgur viewing spree.

One thought on “The Limits of a Chromebook

  1. Hi
    Interesting perspective I have just delved in to Chromebooks myself.
    If you don’t mind me asking which CB do you use??

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