Night 3 and Morning 4: Adios Tokyo

My stay in Tokyo was growing near its close and I felt a bit sad, as I realized that I could spend a year in the city and never delve even a small portion of it’s secrets. Being the massive geek I am, I decided to spend the last few hours I had in the Akihabara district. 
IMG_0703 (1)

This was a retro gamer’s paradise.  I found but didn’t want to shell out 5000 Yen for an unopened copy of Pokemon Red. High school me was pleased enough.



My final meal in Tokyo was this Kebab shop. It was run by a man from Turkey who knew only a little anguish, and I knew broken Japanese, it was bizarre, and wonderful all at once. IMG_0709

Gundam Cafe, yup… gotta love Japan.


My last venture into Shibuya at night!IMG_0714 IMG_0719 IMG_0726

A bit more western style food. IMG_0729

Frankly this Hot Gingerale is amazing. It comes out of the machine warm, and it is an experience. These heated drink machines need to come out in the States. IMG_0736

One of many Onigiri I ate in Japan, they 100 yen buys you a heck of a lot of calories. IMG_0737

Japanese children’s show…no words. IMG_0739

I was excited to head to Kyoto. Japan’s ancestral capital. I was even more excited to ride the legendary Japanese Bullet Train!
IMG_0740 IMG_0764 IMG_0765 IMG_0767 IMG_0771 IMG_0780

This picture accurately captures how fast we were going, my camera slanted the picture simply because it couldn’t shutter fast enough.
IMG_0782 IMG_0787 IMG_0821The Japanese countryside from what I saw consisted of extremely populated townships, and then vast empty farmlands and lonely mountains. I like small town architecture quite a bit as much of it captures the ancient Japanese style while being modern still. There is something nostalgic from these places, they remind me of anime, and my youth, of wishes, long since forgotten.

IMG_0846 IMG_0847And with only 2 hours taken out of my day I traveled nearly 500km! Fantastic! More of Kyoto tomorrow!!

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