My Trip to Japan: An Introduction

Two years ago, I wanted to go to Japan. I was for lack of a better word overwhelmed. I had graduated from college but had now real prospects. I had some money saved up, but years of depression and expenses had depleted me.  I had a job, but it was a low paying waiter job at a restaurant I didn’t particularly like ideologically. (They served fatty delicious but horrifyingly caloric food)

So at the end of my rope I chose to do something wild. I chose Japan. (Or Nihon, or Nippon as it is sometimes called)

So now two years back, and looking at the photos I took I wanted to start posting about my time in Japan. The format will be a little all over the place, and will be essentially  a commentary of the multitude of images I took while there, and a smattering of souvenirs, and notes I took while in Japan. I am by trade a fastidious notetaker. (albeit I have recently taken to eschewing the pen and paper notebook for the more easily organized Evernote. Though I do miss the tactile feel that writing physically gives.)

So dear readers, the few that I have, (and I love you guys) here I go, and thank you for choosing to journey on this road with me.

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