Be Goku: a guide to hardwork, honesty, and fun

Goku is my childhood hero. Goku is from Dragon Ball Z. Well, he’s from Dragon ball and GT, but for me his essence can be found in dragon ball Z.

Goku is to me one of the great examples of hard work, honesty, and fun.

Many people look at Dragon Ball Z and see little but a violent mess of a show. It features fantastic action, a memorable cast, and fun albeit predictable plot lines.

Goku, the show’s main protagonist isn’t the common hero. He isn’t a dark brooding hero, he’s a family man. He’s motivated to train because he enjoys it, not to overpower people. He works hard, isn’t unbeatable, hell he dies a few times in the show.

He never gives up, despite being knocked down, defeated, killed, his friends destroyed Goku, never gives up.  He just gets back on the horse, tries something else, trains more, or gets new information and help.

Goku’s dedication to his friends, and family is what powers him. He fights not for power but to protect the people he loves, and sometimes for the pure joy of the contest.

Finally, Goku doesn’t take himself seriously except when he has to. He fools around plays with his children, and others, makes jokes, asks stupid questions, and helps people. He’s slow to anger and merciful to his opponents. But rile him to the cause, hurt his friends or threaten his family and watch him destroy you.

So to end this silly albeit fun jaunt. Be Goku

  • Have fun most of the time and be serious only when necessary
  • train for the love of training, and the desire to get better not to become famous, crush your opponents or wield dominion over people.
  • and never give up, even if you fall off the road over and over. even if you fail, get knocked down. Be a Saiyan. When Saiyan’s are wounded and recover from those wounds they get even stronger. Try and  do the same.

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