Loss of Legacy Part 4

Standing in the dust of the east the men of the west clutched their pearls while laughing nervously as the Soviets crumbled slowly, their eyes wide with a silent fear.

For around 10 years or so, the world sat in a sort of of consistent and odd high , the 90s were a time where everything seemed possible, and the new century loomed.

2001 changed all of this. The slumbering giant of the Military industrial complex awoke. It looked upon the ruins of the twin towers and with pointed teeth grinned a corpse-like grin, one eye turned to Washington while the next turned to the middle east.

In this post terrorism United States, the long held belies learned in the cold war ramped up once again, they’d found a new enemy. In the cold and fear of the winter of 2001 the men in charge took advantage of that fact and plunged us into a now nearly 20 year old war.

The corporations that run the proxy war were the only victors.

The men who grew up in the shadow of the bomb shoveled young men like themselves, to a country that hated them, to a pointless war, and broke every law possible in a rampant quest to stave off the realization of what they’d done.

It is a curious aspect that people tend to grip harder to their untruths when presented with evidence to dispel it. The real truth was that the bomb simply unveiled our own human fragility, and in the blind fanaticism to get theirs before the world ended, the men and women of the past tipped off another slower, and more menacing threat.

Climate change.

In an Oedipean twist of fate, those who sought to escape death did so, the mega wealthy burned the planet down in the quest to quench their fear of death, to make the most of a dying world and in doing so caused the world to die.

Now older, they look back at their lost legacy and cringe. They poisoned the rivers, killed the animals, and crosscut the rain-forests. In the face of the very destruction they feared they turn away now from the truth, because they are ashamed.

What have they left behind? A boiling planet? A series of bleeding fractured drug war ravaged countries? An endless frivolous war?

The legacy lost has been found again, but it is not a legacy of peace and beauty, but one of conflict and destruction.

That is the final truth, you may put aside and not worry about what the future generations will think of you, but they will come and will judge you, whether your try or not.

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