Japan Day 5 Part 3: Even More Gion


As I emerged from the depths of the shrine, I walked in a daze grateful for having survived my journey. I happened upon some young school girls as they attempted to lift a metal pole from its socket though I don’t know why.


The temple I was visiting is the famous Kiyomizu. Legend has it that jumping from the stage and survive the 80-foot drop will grant you a wish, that being said, I kept my feet firmly planted.


The temple’s name translates to Clear Water, referring to the waterfall that can be seen in the picture below.


Across the pavillion, a Pagoda stood stark red against a sea of green.

IMG_1025Modern Kyoto is far off here, and even though surrounded by tourists I could feel the lingerings of the past around me, a city lost to time.

IMG_1028Curious as ever I wandered the area behind the temples, and quite on accident  I found myself heading into the hills behind Kyoto. Luckily the common sense part of my brain went off and I headed back when I met this staircase.

IMG_1030 IMG_1033 IMG_1031


Quite on accident I found the Pagoda from the other picture. It ws beautiful, and with that I began winding my way down the hills.

IMG_1039As  I left the shrine I felt eyes on me and looking up I found a whole class of Japanese students smiling down at me. I waved, and they waved back, and I smiled, and they smiled back. It was a breath of humanity in an otherwise sterile and inhuman place.


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