Japan Day 5: Gion

Gion is a mystical place. It is an area of Kyoto that is frozen in time artifactually as well as culturally. While Xenophobia is a problem that Japanese culture faces, it is apparently extremely rampant in the tiny private restaurants of Japan. If you don’t know someone the people in the restaurants will simply ignore you, and if you are a foreigner, well even if you do know someone getting served might be an issue.  That being said I saw no trace of Xenophobia when I ventured the alleyways of the Historic District, but that might have just been me.

The place’s main pathways are very touristy. This is a place that the Japanese come to visit to engage their culture, and gift shops abounded. The main reason for this is that Japanese culture dictates you give gifts to your colleagues or schoolmates after you return from a trip. The gifts don’t have to be expensive or personalized but to not give them is a Major Social Faux pas. IMG_0960

I was able to navigate the bus system! I surprised myself there. IMG_0958 2013-10-26 09.24.06AH, HA! I found a snack machine! IMG_0961 IMG_0962 IMG_0963 IMG_0964

Dood the uniforms. So cool. IMG_0966 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0972 IMG_0974 IMG_0978 IMG_0980 IMG_0983 IMG_0990 IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0999 IMG_1002These pictures mostly speak for themselves! ^_^  More Gion Tommorow.

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